Saturday, May 2, 2009

How it began...

Hello again, so i may be writing this to absolutely no one but i feel the need to write in this blog. Also i am extremely bored.

So i know not very many people know about our little company yet, but soon we will try and market our product better and get a little more known out in the ski industry.

So it started off a little more than a year ago over in idaho. Where me and my cousin and a couple of our friends were skiing. We were there for spring break. After a long day of skiing we went back home a relaxed for awhile. Timmy and I had always talked about making some shirts and selling the for some money for the past year(before this trip). As we were sitting around i had quickly remembered that my dad knew quite a few people who make custom apparel for anyone. So we thought it would be really fun to start making t shirts.

The name Hood Fuel isn't very hard to explain why we named it that. First of all, everyone who helped us start the company grew up skiing at Mt. Hood, Oregon. So thats why there is "hood" in the name, it had nothing to do with ghettos or anything like that. As for the fuel I'm not sure the story behind that. If i figured it out i bet it would be a pretty funny one to tell.

Also during our spring break skiing trip i had just found out about a site called newschoolers, immediately I thought we could sell them through the kids on newschoolers. So I bought the domain name

The week after we all joined together and started brainstorming idea's for our logo. I have all of the old designs sitting on my desk. Maybe i should scan them and show them to you(then again nobody reads this blog...yet) So at the end of a long night we had a final logo. Which was hand drawn by Timmy Reilly.

The logo took months of work in photoshop, we were mostly thinning out the edges to make it perfect. After that things slowed down to a really really slow pace. I MEAN REALLY SLOW PACE. We didn't get any work done. 

It took us almost a year to get our first product to our houses. It was just really hard running a company that isn't your job and you don't depend on it paying your bills and buying you food. So it was always a secondary thing to do. 

The great thing was soon as we got the shirts half them were sold to locals in portland. Hand to hand buying. Nothing online yet. We then sold about 5 or 6 online. Without advertising on newschoolers. I personally built the website with a mac application called IWEB. So once we sold about half the shirts we picked up a few riders. Joey V, Anders F, Kevin L and Tanner B. These weren't kids who helped start the company and just sponsored them self just so they could say "I started a company and now I'm sponsored". These are some really legit riders from Oregon and Washington. We can't give them much since we have absolutely no money, but there really chill about it.

As of now were working on new designs for some hoodies, crew necks/pullovers and beanies. We will also have some stickers rolling in pretty soon. So if anyone reads this check the website within the month.


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