Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

Joey V. gets 1st at Wham Bam Am Jam

Joey's rail skills are getting good and he has won 3 rail jams that he has entered. He has gone to the finals for the cricket campus rail jam last year.
Here is a recent won the Wham Bam Am Jam

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Also he did great at the Timberline rail jam, there weren't standings for this rail jam

New team rider Tanner Boudreau!

Tanner is from Hood River, Oregon. Only currently rides for us, Hood Fuel. He is looking for some ski sponsors so look out for this kid!
He recently went to state and placed 
6th in slalom
Top 20 in giant slalom
1st in slopestyle
He places or wins most comps he enters! He has a future in skiing!
Here are some pictures and check out his interview on

Getting that japan!
At Mt.hood this summer, his home moutain

Old and new

So I'm just going to post all the stuff in the old hood fuel blog on here. So you may have already seen this stuff.

Joey Vandermeer THC mini edit

PDX urban edit featuring team rider Joey Vandermeer

Anders F. Team rider Promo 07/08

Joey Vandermeer Team rider Promo 07/08